SUPER-CHUFFER Turbocharge your smoke units performance!!
Discontinued, See Super-Chuffer II

It provides the following smoke and lighting features.


  • Smoke Unit fan motor control for synchronized chuffing with the RailSounds output
  • Dynamic braking of smoke unit motor and chuff duration control enhances the appearance of the smoke chuff output at all speeds
  • Smoke fan motor runs continuously at slow speed when locomotive is stopped
  • Buffering of the chuff switch input to provide an isolated switch output for RailSounds chuff triggering
  • Rule 17 LED light control for headlight dimming when locomotive is stopped
  • TMCC headlight voltage input to control headlight on/off state from remote
  • Automatic control to turn cab lights on when stopped, off when moving

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Synchronized Smoke licensed by MTH Electric Trains ®

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