Lionel - 1926600 Unlettered Skeleton Log Car 2-Pack A

Lionel 1926600
Unlettered Skeleton Log Car 2-Pack A

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Looking to reduce weight and simplify loading, logging railroads reduced their cars to the most essential elements. "Skeleton" cars were little more than a frame. Taking it to the extreme, "disconnect" trucks held massive logs with no car at all! Don't let their simple construction or small size fool you; these cars carried some impressive loads. Perfect for use behind your new Shay or other logging locomotives, these skeleton cars and disconnects come complete with a log load and tie down chains. Of course you can always vary the loads some more with a little "tall timber" of your own harvested from the back yard.
  • Die-cast trucks and operating couplers
  • Separate metal tie down chains
  • Realistic log load
  • Four road numbers available for each road!


  • Gauge: O Gauge 
  • Scale Type: Scale
  • Power: Electric
  • Engine Type: Diesel
  • Min Curve: O31
  • Dimensions: Length: 18" (9" each)
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