Lionel - 2031160 Santa Fe LEGACY 4-8-4 Steam Loco #3751

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Lionel 2031160
Santa Fe 4-8-4 Steam Locomotive #3751

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Baldwin delivered the Santa Fe's first 4-8-4, #3751, in 1927. After a year of evaluation, 13 additional locomotives followed. The Santa Fe would go on to place three more orders over the next two decades and rebuilt the original class with many of the improvements in design found on these later locos over the years. These Northerns were used on priority passenger and mail trains until being bumped to secondary assignments by diesels. Such was the success of this class that two were set aside for preservation, Nos. 3751 and 3759. 3751 returned to the rails in 1991, running many excursions through 2017 and is currently undergoing its 15 year boiler inspection. Although the Santa Fe never streamlined any of its 4-8-4's, there were plans to do so. No. 3765 was intended to wear a two-tone blue and silver shroud similar to Hudson #3460. Plans were dropped before the locomotive was delivered, although it had already been given a new pilot and stainless steel handrails which it carried the rest of its career as a reminder of what could have been. In that spirit, Lionel offers another hint at what one of these stylized locomotives could have looked like with our special "Blue Goose" inspired #3765. Three additional road numbers, including the two survivors, are offered in the more standard but still stately Santa Fe colors. All of these locomotives feature the latest in LEGACY and Bluetooth control, sounds and smoke effects and will look right at home pulling new heavyweight or streamlined passenger trains on your layout!


  • Rail Line: Santa Fe
  • Road Number: 3751
  • Gauge: O Gauge 
  • Power: Electric
  • Engine Type: Steam
  • Min Curve: O54
  • Dimensions: Length: 27 .25"
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