Walthers - 910-2271 ACF 40' Boxcar WM #4420

Walthers Mainline HO 910-2271
ACF 40' Welded Boxcar w/8' Youngstown Door - Ready to Run
Western Maryland #4420

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Create authentic freights for your diesel-era layout with the WalthersMainline(R) 40' American Car and Foundry Welded Boxcar with 8' Door! Introduced in the late 1950s, the wider door opening was popular with shippers and receivers, allowing fast and easy access for forklifts. Serving into the 1980s, these layout-ready models feature:

  • One time run of these roadnumbers, order now - limited quantity available
  • Prototypes in general freight service from late 1950s to 1980s and beyond
  • Detailed 10-panel body
  • 8' Youngstown doors
  • Late Stanray 4/4 improved Dreadnaught ends
  • Stanray diagonal panel roof
  • Apex see-through steel running boards
  • Correct 33" turned metal wheelsets
  • Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers
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