Athearn - ATH72030 SD60 Diesel, NS #6517

Athearn HO ATH72030
SD60 Diesel Locomtive, Norfolk Southern (ex-UP) #6517

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  • Locomotives come with railroad-specific details including: Operating beacon (in DCC/Sound version), horn, winterized hatch, antenna, handrails, etc.


In 1984, Electro-Motive (EMD) introduced the “60” series locomotive. These had many improvements over the earlier models including features such as: New and improved EMD 710 power plant producing 3600 HP, wheel slip control, computerized cabinet replacing the older and unreliable components.

This design spawned into many other upgrades within it’s class like the modernized wide cab, Isolated cab, and even the start of AC traction technology.


These locomotives were suited for just about any mainline service that could be thrown at them. The model was fairly popular with class one railroads, with Norfolk Southern purchasing the most at 151 units. Most of them are still in service today. Norfolk Southern in 2010 started a large full rebuild program of their SD60’s (including purchasing “cores” from other sources) into SD60E’s, which rebuilt them from the frame up with new electrical components and a newly designed cab to improve visibility and forward crash impact safety.

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