Lionel - 6-83443 Deluxe Suburban Bungalow House, white/black

MSRP: $99.99 Sale Price: $89.99
These new Lionelville Plug-n-Play Houses include interior lighting .

Quantity: 2

Plug-n-Play Accessory
• Connects easily to FasTrack with a Plug-n-Play Lock-on (sold separately)
• Connects to a traditional O/ O27 track lock-on or to an accessory power supply (lock-on and power supply sold separately)
• Can be upgraded to command control with the purchase of a SC-2 Switch Controller and ASC2 (both sold separately)


  • Lighted interior
  • Illuminated porch lamps
  • A variety of realistic, separately applied detail

Gauge: Traditional O Gauge

Dimensions: 12 1/2”L x 8”W x 6”H

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