Miller Engineering

Min: $0 Max: $50

1061 Coppertone Super Animated Neon Sign


MSRP $49.95
These unique signs have the ability to be mounted two different ways as a regular roof top billboard or, with the second set of contacts to the backside center, they can be mounted flush against the side of a building. 
When mounted flush the

2750 Pensacola Beach Animated Neon Sign


MSRP $32.95
Pensacola BillboardSuitable for O/HO scales

4081 Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Animated Roadside Billboard


MSRP $55.95
Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Animated Roadside Billboard- Limited Edition Sign

5681 Greyhound Animated Roof Top Bus Station sign


MSRP $34.95
Greyhound Roof Top Bus Station sign modeled after a vintage sign in Jacksonville, FL and was called "Union Bus Station".   Suitable for O scales

7777 Miller High Life Animated Window Sign


MSRP $17.95
Miller Window sign
Suitable for HO/O scales

7781 Shell Animated Neon Sign


MSRP $55.95
Our Shell Billboard is a replica of the original that was manufactured in 1933 by the Donnelly Electric Manufacturing Company of Boston, one of the foremost manufacturers of advertising signs in New England. It was moved to its current locatio

8081 Barber Pole, Animated Neon Sign


MSRP $38.95
Large Barber pole, 2” tall. Suitable for O/G scales.

8850 Paradice Club Animated Neon Sign


MSRP $17.95
Paradice Window signSuitable for HO/O scales