American Flyer

Min: $0 Max: $50

640-8693-070 AF Freight Truck, 4-Wheel


American Flyer 4 wheel freight truck

640-9002-050 AF Freight Truck w/Pick-Up, 4-Wheels


4-wheel trucks with pickup for American Flyer operating freight cars.

640-9868-057 A.F. Fastrack Lantern, S Gauge


Fastrack lantern for American Flyer S gauge engines.

9401-59 AF Freight Car/Tender Axle Contacts


American Flyer 4-wheel truck replacement contacts

9700-57S AF Knuckle Coupler w/Slit & Split Rivet


American Flyer knuckle coupler with slit and split rivet for link coupler conversion to knuckle coupler.

A.F. "Pullman" Decal, 1 9/16", 1 Pair


American Flyer "Pullman" water type decal, 1 9/16" used on prewar A.F.

A.F. Lines Decal, 6", 1 Pair


American Flyer Lines water type decal, 6" used on prewar A.F.

AF-WG Metal Worm Gear, S Gauge


Metal worm gear for double end armitures. American Flyer S gauge.

AO-1000 AF Red Electric "O" Gauge Wheel Set, 4Pcs


Set of four (4) red spoked wheels used on American Flyer O Gauge Electric Locomotives.
.154 axle reamed.

AO-1001 Steam Wheel Set, Spoked, Nickel Rim


A set of four (4) wheels, black spoked with nickel rims (2 with gear, 2 without gear) used on American Flyer O gauge steam locomotives.
.154 axle reamed.

AO-1006 Steam Wheel Set, Hiawatha, Black, 4Pcs


Four (4) wheel set with open black spokes and nickel rim used on American Flyer O gauge Hiawatha steam locomotives. 2 geared and 2 plain wheels

AO-1403 Motor Bushing


Motor bushing for AF O gauge engines

AO-685-191 Idler Gear, Zephyr, 40 Tooth


Idler Gear for American Flyer prewar O Gauge Zephyr engines and other small tin trains. 40 tooth. 5/32" pin.

AW1000 AF Wide Gauge Electric Loco Wheel Set, Red


A set of four (4) wheels, with red spokes, used on American Flyer wide gauge electric locomotives. Includes 2 wheels with drive lugs.

AW1001 AF Std. Gauge Steam Wheel Set, Black, 4Pcs, 2.5D, 6:32 Thread


American Flyer wide gauge steam wheel set. 2 plain and 2 geared wheels. 2 1/2" diameter. 6:32 thread.

AW1001G AF Std. Gauge Steam Wheel Set, Geared, 4Pcs, 2.5D, 6:32 Thread


American Flyer standard gauge, black wheel set. Includes 2 plain and 2 pre-geared wheels.

AW1002 AF Std. Gauge Steam Wheel Set w/Gears & Crank Pins, 4Pcs


American Flyer standard gauge, black wheel set. Includes 2 plain wheels and 2 pre-geared wheels with crank pins.

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