Woodland Scenics

Min: $0 Max: $200

BR5842 Harrison's Hardware, Built & Ready

$159.99 $129.99

Woodland Scenics BR5842
This shop carries everything to keep your home and workshop running in tip-top shape.

BR5843 J.W.Cobbler, Built & Ready

$159.99 $129.99

Woodland Scenics BR5843
J.W. Cobbler models a downtown three-story storefront that houses the local shoemaker shop.

BR5844 Corner Emporium, Built & Ready

$159.99 $129.99

Woodlans Scenics BR5844
An old-time three-in-one corner store.

BR5846 Deuce's Bike Shop, Built & Ready

$189.99 $149.99

Woodland Scenics BR5846
Spice up the 'seedy' side of your layout town with historical flare. Deuce's Bike Shop represents a nostalgic 'easy rider' setting with incredible detail.

BR5849 Ethyl's Gas & Service - O Scale

$174.99 $134.99

Woodland Scenics BR5849
Ethyl's Gas & Service
A vintage gas and service station that is loaded with charm and nostalgia.
O Scale, Built and Ready

BR5851 J. Frank's Grocery , O Scale

$184.99 $144.99

Woodland Scenics BR5851
J. Frank's Grocery
O Scale

BR5852 The Depot, Built & Ready, O Scale

$184.99 $166.49

Woodland Scenics BR5852
The Depot is a classic whistle stop depot suitable for any layout.
O Scale

BR5853 Dugan's Paint Store, O Scale


MSRP: $134.99 Sale Price: $109.99
BR5853 Dugan's Paint Store, Woodland Scenics O Scale

BR5854 Theater, Built & Ready

$199.99 $154.99

Woodland Scenics O BR5854
The Theater offers classic vintage architecture, an expertly weathered stucco-over-brick exterior, tall arched windows, gilded kick plates on front doors, a decorative tile facade and carved wood trim.

BR5855 Emilio's Italian Restaurant

$168.99 $149.99

Woodland Scenics BR5855
Emilio's will be the talk of the town for any layout. This Built-&-Ready® Italian, family style restaurant is the go-to restaurant for young couples and long standing anniversaries.

BR5860 Old Homestead, O Scale

$159.99 $129.99

Woodland Scenics BR5860
Old Homestead, O Scale
The Old Homestead's rustic appearance is the perfect representation of a cozy home for country living.

BR5862 Double Decker Trailer, O Scale

$119.99 $94.99

Woodland Scenics BR5862
Double Decker Trailer
O Scale

BR5864 Letters, Parcels & Post, O Scale

$149.99 $119.99

Woodland Scenics BR5864
Letters, Parcels & Post, O Scale
Whether you're sending a letter or patiently waiting on a package, Letters, Parcels & Post is there for all of your mailing needs.

BR5866 Rustic Water Tower, O Scale

$239.99 $184.99

Woodland Scenics BR5866
Clean water is a natural resource that is vital to everyday life. Make sure town residents always have access with the Rustic Water Tower.
O Scale

BR5868 Windmill, O Scale


MSRP: $60.99 Sale Price: $49.99
This well-kept Windmill indicates someone is investing in the property.

BR5869 Rustic Cabin, O Scale

$114.99 $89.99

Woodland Scenics BR5869
Whether you're looking for a getaway in the woods or a home with some country appeal, the Rustic Cabin is the perfect place to sit back and relax in a rocking chair.
O Scale

BR5871 Records & Recruiting, O Scale

$144.99 $124.99

Woodland Scenics BR5871
Records & Recruiting, O Scale

BR5872 Carver's Butcher Shoppe, O Scale

$129.99 $109.99

Woodland Scenics BR5872
Carver's Butcher Shoppe, O Scale
Every town has a local butcher to supply the finest cuts around, and O Scale Carver's Butcher Shoppe only offers the best.

BR5873 Smith Bros TV & Appliance, O Gauge

$171.99 $149.99

Woodland Scenics 5873
Smith Bros TV & Appliance
O Gauge

BR5874 Toy & Hobby Junction, O Scale

$171.99 $139.99

Woodland Scenics BR5874
Toy & Hobby Junction Store
Built & Ready
O Scale

US2283 Utility System Substation, O Scale

$189.99 $169.99

Woodland Scenics US2283
Substation , O Scale