Prewar Couplers

Min: $0 Max: $10

150-26 Lionel Hook Coupler


Reproduction hook coupler used on Lionel freight and passenger cars in 20s & 30s.

1661-33 Replacement Slide Shoe, 2Pcs.


Replacement nickel plated slider shoes. Fits many Lionel Pre & Post War steam locomotives. 

18-4 Hook Coupler for Std Gauge Cars


Reproduction Long Shank Hook Couplers for Lionel Std Gauge Freight & Pass Cars

252-22 Coupler Rivet


Short coupler rivet used on early Lionel Standard Gauge #8 & 10 and O Gauge Locomotives.

260T-CP Tender Coupler Pocket, 392/260


Front tender coupler pocket for Lionel 392, 260, 263, 250 and 350

33-24 Crinkle Hook Coupler for Early Std Gauge


Reproduction Crinkle Hook coupler for use on "standard" gauge Lionel locomotives & cars, early era throughout the teens.

402/408 Coupler Mount Rivet


Coupler mounting rivet for Lionel 402 and 408 engines

418-46 Coupler Retainer ( CP-25 )


Prewar coupler used on "O" and Standard gauge boxcars and passenger cars that use latch coupler CP-21 (sold separately).
418-46 also needs 418-47 Coupler Pin (sold separately)

418-47 Coupler Pin (CP-26)


418-47 Rivet pin used with the 418-46 coupler retainer for pre-war couplers.

CP-1S "Short" Hood Retainer Plate for Lionel Box Couplers, 2 Pcs


This is a reproduction set of 2 retainers for attaching box coupler hoods to the coupler drawbar. These are 7/16" long.

CP-21 Standard Latch Coupler, unsprung


Standard gauge latch couplers for use on freight & passenger cars from 1924-1940. Not Spring Loaded.

CP-21S Standard Latch Coupler, spring loaded


Standard gauge latch couplers for use on freight & passenger cars from 1924-1940. Spring Loaded.

CP-38 Box Coupler Hook/Spear, 2pcs


"Spears" Hooks for Lionel Pre-War Box Couplers, 2 Pieces.  Will fit all of the box coupler drawbars. 

CP-50 Non-Operating Box Coupler


Non-operating box coupler for Lionel 800 and 2800 series cars.

CP-8s Latch Coupler w/Short Shank, spring Loaded


CP-8s Latch Coupler for Lionel O & Std Gauge Locos, spring loaded

TC-112 Wire Wound Coupler Springs, 12Pcs


TC-112 coil springs used in the Lionel wire wound coupler head of the 1940's.