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1011-24 Orange control handle w/clip


Orange control handle fits Lionel transformers RW, KW, 1033, & 1034. Complete w/clip.

1033-47 Threaded Nut for Small Lionel Transformers, 4Pcs


Threaded nuts fit most small Lionel transformers including 1032, 1033 & LW.  Package includes four (4) pieces.

20-22A KW Circuit breaker


This is a reproduction KW transformer circuit breaker. It mounts the same as original unit. It is self re-setting. It fits the Lionel KW transformer.

20-3137 Complete KW Transformer Control Handle Set


This is a complete reproduction speed control handle set for a Lionel KW transformer.

20-40 KW Knob


Black knob for Lionel KW transformer top & bottom handles. Holds "A" & "B" caps.

21-21 TW Voltage Control Shaft


Voltage control shaft for Lionel TW Transformer.

21-6 Green Lamp Cover for Lionel TW Transformer


Reproduction of the 21-6 TW transformer green lens cap.

22-86 LW Green "L" Jewel


22-85L LW Green "L" Jewel

22-86 LW Green "L" Jewel, 50Pcs.

$75.00 $65.00

22-85L LW Green "L" Jewel, 50Pcs.

5amp Self Resetting Circuit Breaker


5amp Quick Trip & Self Resetting Circuit Breaker for Lionel and Other Train Transformers

B-292 Transformer Cord & Plug


Replacement (B-292) power cord for Lionel transformers.

R-68 R/V/Z Transformer Lens Cap, Red


Red lens cap for Lionel R, V or Z Transformer

R-69 V/Z Transformer Lens Cap, Green


Green lens cap for Lionel V or Z Transformer

R-78 Shoulder Washer


Shoulder washer for Lionel Type R Transformer

R-81 Voltage Control Shaft


Voltage Control Shaft for Lionel Type R Transformer

RW-24B Black control handle w/clip


Black control handle that fits Lionel RW,1033,1034, transformers. Complete w/clip.

RW-24R Red control handle w/clip


Red control handle that fits Lionel RW,1033,1034, transformers. Complete w/clip.

RW-27 Red Jewel Cap, Solid Color


RW-27 Red screw-on jewel cap. Used on Lionel #260 bumper, late bascule bridge, VW & ZW transformers.

T-159 & T-160 Binding Posts & Nuts, 4 Pcs.


T-159 & T-160 Binding Post & Nuts for Lionel Transformers, 4Pcs

T-160 Terminal Nuts for Lionel Transformers, 4 Pcs


This is a re-placement set of 4 terminal nuts for Lionel transformers. They fit most Lionel Pre-war transformers, including "V",  "Z", & Post war "ZW", "KW" &  "TW" . 

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