Prewar Loco

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1-92 Motor Brush & 1-48 Spring Set, 1 Pr.


This is a pair of carbon motor brushes & springs that are used on Lionel prewar 'O' gauge locomotives. (They DO NOT fit the pre-war 'HUMP BACK' motors. Brush holder kits for the 'humpback' motors are listed elsewhere in our store.) Includes two (2) brushe

156T Pony Trucks, Black Solid Wheels


Pony trucks for Lionel 156 Electric loco with solid black wheels.

1661E-29 & 1661E-30 Lionel Motor Brushes & Spring Set, 1 pair


1661E-29 & 1661E-30 Lionel Motor Brushes & Spring Set
Replacement motor brushes and springs for Lionel whistles, gang car, trolley and most closed tube brush holders on pre-war locos.

1668E-20 Collector Assembly for Lionel O27 Loco


1668E-20 Collector Contact Assembly for Lionel O27 Loco

1668E-43 Armature Pinion


Armature pinion for Lionel 1668 engine.

1668E-45 Valve Gear Assembly


Valve gear assembly to fit Lionel 1668 engines. Works on left and right side.

1668E-9 Connecting Rod


Connecting Rod for Lionel 1668 prewar Engine

1681E-10 Main Rod


Main drive rod for Lionel O27 Prewar 1681.

1684-12 Lead Locomotive Truck


Black, solid wheel pilot truck. Re-production part, fits pre-war "O27" Lionel Loco's #1684 & 1681 and many others.

1684-20 RH Connecting Side Rod


Right hand side rod for Lionel 1684.

1684-21 LH Connecting Side Rod


Left hand side rod for Lionel 1684.

1684-22 Side Rod Screw


Side Rod screw for Lionel 1684 engine.

1688-T3 Tender Drawbar


Tender draw bar for O27 tenders, #1684, 1688, 1689.

1689E-24 Trailing Truck for Steam Loco 1668, 1688, 1689


Rear, trailing truck used on Lionel Steam Loco 1668, 1688 and 1689.

1689E-27 Pilot/Trailing Truck Axle


Knurled end axle for use on Lionel Engines 1654, 1655, 1665, 1656, 2016, 2018 & 2026.

Also use with our 257R spoked wheel.

1766-25 Tender Truck, 6-Wheel, w/o Pickup


6 wheel truck with nickel wheels for Lionel 392 Tender and 1766, 1767, 1768 Passenger Cars. Does not include the collector.

1835E-NB Number Board for 1835E


Number board for 1835E Loco.

2-47 Pinion Gear


Pinion gear with .125 shaft size to fit Lionel Bild-a-Loco motors.

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