American Flyer

Min: $0 Max: $90

6-48006 A.F. Polar Express Billboard


MSRP: $13.99
Capture Chris Van Allsburg's, The Polar Express™, story of a young boy's struggle to solve the mystery of Santa Clause while aboard a very special train call The Polar Express.

6-49814 #774 Floodlight Tower


MSRP $99.99
Perfect for a freight yard on any layout, the American Flyer #774 Floodlight Tower features four bright lamps.

6-49847 #774 Floodlight Tower


MSRP $99.99
#774 Floodlight Tower

6-49872 S-Scale Telephone Poles


MSRP $39.99
A six-pack assortment of highly realistic, S-scale sized telephone poles

6-49877 Elevated Gilbert Oil Tank


MSRP $79.99 Sale Price: $69.99
A great match for the Oil Storage Tank