The Electric RR Co.

Min: $0 Max: $90

100-105 Mini ACC MTH Operating Reefer Kit


Operating Reefer Kit
-includes wire harness, install guide

100-201 Mini Commander ACC


Mini Commander ACC (Accessory/Operating Cars)

100-202 Mini Commander HC


Mini Commander HC (High Current)
 -high current output (milk cars, etc.)

100-203 Mini Commander EX


Mini Commander EX
Dummy Engines (lights/coil couplers)

200-102 Diesel RailSounds, GP7/GP9


Diesel RailSounds, GP7/GP9 series

200-105 Diesel RailSounds Alco series


Diesel RailSounds Alco series

200-107 Diesel RailSounds C420 series


Diesel RailSounds C420 series

200-108 Diesel RailSounds SD40/50/60


Diesel RailSounds SD40/50/60

200-201 RailSounds Steam, Small


Small Steam High Pitch Chime

200-205 RailSounds Steam, Daylight w/Horn


Steam Multi Chime with Air Horn

300-104 Cruise Commander Modular, wireless tether


Cruise Commander Modular for wireless tether

500-103 #1221 2-Pin Micro Plug Tether


Mico Plug two pin connector used for many small 2 wire electric applications like lights, motors and smoke units.