Woodland Scenics

Min: $0 Max: $150

1201 Lightweight Hydrocal


MSRP: $13.99
Lightweight Hydrocal®* - 1/2 gal, Net wt. 2 lbs (907g)

136 Underbrush Foliage, Medium Green


Underbrush Medium Green Bag
Models tree foliage for medium to large trees and low-to-medium ground covers, such as bushes, trees and shrubs.

1470 Track-Bed Sheets - HO/O Scale, 6 Shts


MSRP: $17.99
Sheets are great for railyards and sidings. They align well with cork or Homasote. Track-Bed deadens sound, requires no pre-soaking like cork, remains flexible and will not dry out or become brittle. 6 sheets/package

183 Clump-Foliage Medium Green Large Bag


MSRP: $18.99
Clump-Foliage™ Medium Green Large Bag

185 Clump-Foliage Conifer Green Large Bag


MSRP: $18.99
Clump-Foliage™ Conifer Large Bag
173 in³ (2.83 dm³)

2732 - Bystanders (O scale), Woodland Scenics


MSRP $24.99 Sale Price: $22.49
A set of two women and four men - the men and one woman are standing and one woman is sitting.

2740 - Newsstand (O scale) Woodland Scenics


Folks read all about it at the local news stand.

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