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19 Clear 2 Pin Bulb, 14v


#19, 14 volt clear bulb, used in many Lionel accessories and locomotives of the 1950-60 era.

19R Red 2 Pin Bulb, 14v


Red 2 Pin Light Bulb, 14 volt. Used in later Lionel signal bridges & block signals and super "O" switches.

2 Conductor Hookup Wire, 18Ga, red/black, 20ft


2 Conductor Hookup Wire, 18AWG Stranded, 20Ft.

20100 Passenger Car LED Lighting Kit


Passenger Car LED Lighting Kit
Enhance your passenger cars with low power adjustable lighting.
Contains components to light two 12 to 21 inch passenger cars.

20110 LED Lighting Regulator, 2 Pcs.


LED Constant Current Lighting Regulator, 2Pcs.
The LED Constant Current Lighting Regulator (LEDCCLR) is a board designed to convert track voltage AC to constant current DC for LED lighting. LED lighting offers a number of enhanced features over the incan

2303 3-Conductor 28g Wire, 20'



2420-7C Sub Miniature Screw-In Bulb, 18v


Miniature bulb. Size 3/16 x 9/16.

2420-7R Sub Miniature Red Screw-In Bulb, 18v


Miniature red bulb, Size 3/16 x 9/16. Used in Lionel pre-war gates.

2445 Clear Small Head Bayonet Bulb, 24v


Clear Bayonet Small Head Light Bulb, 24 volt. Fits Lionel 022 switches, bumpers, & any higher voltage accessory use.

2447 Clear Small Head, Screw In Bulb, 24V


2447 Clear Small Globe, Screw In bulb, 24V

254 14V Grain of Rice Green Bulb, 3pcs.


14 volt Green Grain of Rice Bulbs, 3-pack

257 Clear Blinker Bulb, 14v


14 volt,  large globe, clear , bayonet type , FLASHER bulb. Used mainly in blinking billboards.    

30100 Train Presence Sensor for Insulated Track, O Gauge


Insulated Track Signal Driver
Easy and reliable sensing of train in insulated track sensing block

312 Atlas 5 Conductor Ribbon Wire, 50'


MSRP: $29.95
50' of 5 Conductor Ribbon Wire for Wiring Your Model Railroad Layouts from Atlas.

363 Clear Bayonet Bulb, 14v


363 Clear Small Head Bayonet Bulb 14 volt, Bayonet, push-in.

363G Green Bayonet Bulb, 14v


363G Green Small Head Bayonet Bulb14 volt, Bayonet, push-in.

364C-1R Lionel Slide Control Switch, Repro


A reproduction, Lionel slide control switch used on many of their operating accessories.

381 12V Grain of Wheat Clear Bulb, 3pcs.


12 - 16 volt Clear Grain of Wheat Bulbs, 3-pack

430 Clear Large Head Bulb, 14v


430 Clear 14 volt, large globe, screw -in bulb. Used mainly for house and building lights.

430G Green Screw In Bulb, 14v


Large globe green bulb, screw-in type, 14v.

430R Red Screw-In Bulb, 14v


Large globe red bulb, screw-in type, 14v.

431 Bulb, 14v Bayonet Clear


Clear Large Head Bayonet Bulb, 14volt.

432C Clear Large Head Bulb, 18v


Clear Large Head Light Bulb, 18volt.

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