Holiday Items

Min: $0 Max: $1500

6-30218 The Polar Express Train Set, Lionchief


MSRP: $399.99
The Polar Express Set w/LionChief Remote and RailSounds RC

6-37197 North Pole Central Girder Bridge


MSRP $29.99
North Pole Central Girder Bridge

6-38848 Christmas LEGACY 'Pioneer' Zephyr


MSRP $1,199.99
Christmas LEGACY 'Pioneer' Zephyr

6-58018 HO Polar Express Loco w/Remote


MSRP: $249.99
Running your train has never been easier!
Lionel is extremely excited to offer for the first time an HO scale locomotive equipped with our LionChief® remote system. The LionChief® system is designed to make operating your train as easy as po

6-81122 1955 Christmas Inspection Truck


MSRP: $179.99
1955 Christmas Inspection Truck

6-81441 North Pole Central Rotary Snowplow


MSRP: $279.99
North Pole Central Rotary Snowplow

6-82050 Santa's Workshop Sawmill w/Sounds


MSRP: $239.99
Santa's elves are busy at the sawmill cutting up wood needed for the new toys. Follow the logs as they enter the sawmill by conveyor belt and watch in amazement as fresh wood planks come out of the other side. Elves need to be safe too! Safe

6-82678 Angela Trotta 2016 Christmas Boxcar


MSRP: $84.99
Our favorite artist is back with this beautiful Christmas boxcar for your layout this year. Made of US and imported parts, this Angela Trotta Thomas boxcar will make your set pop!

6-82716 "Mickey's Holiday to Remember" Disney Christmas LionChief™ Train Set


MSRP: $399.99
"Mickey's Holiday to Remember" Disney Christmas LionChief™ Train Set

6-82954 2016 Lionel Christmas Boxcar


MSRP: $64.99
Merry Christmas from Lionel!
This 2016 boxcar makes a great addition to any set.

6-83162 Nightmare on Elm Street Boxcar


MSRP: $84.99
For the first time, one of the most famous supernatural slashers in the horror genre will be making his debut on one of our Made in the USA boxcars. FREDDY KRUEGER™ has terrorized teenage dreamscapes for over 30 years and A NIGHTMARE ON ELM S

6-83185 The Polar Express Elves Figure Pack


MSRP: $32.99
Don't forget about the elves! This figure pack is ready to help your layout get ready for Santa's arrival!

6-83191 Lionel Christmas Tankcar, USA


MSRP: $84.99
There's no business like snow business! This Lionel Christmas tank car is a fun addition to any layout.

6-83231 Polar Express Metal Girder Bridge


MSRP: $42.99
This The Polar Express branded metal girder bridge will add a great touch to any layout.

6-83284 Peekaboo Reindeer Operating Boxcar


MSRP: $74.99
Peekaboo! Is that a reindeer I see? This fun operating boxcar will have your reindeers bobbing in and out of your car as it is in motion!

6-83291 Chirstmas Half-Covered Bridge


MSRP: $69.99
Merry Christmas to all! Bring this Christmas covered bridge to your layout for a fun dose of holiday cheer.

6-83437 The Polar Express Conductor Announcement Car


MSRP $131.99
For even more excitement, add this passenger coach with real conductor announcements from the movie! The conductor figure, holding his lighted lantern, stands in the doorway welcoming passengers, “All aboard!”

6-83645 The Polar Express Boxcar 2-Pack


MSRP: $169.99
This beautiful two-pack featuring images from The Polar Express, are great additions to your holiday layout this year.

6-83689 Trotta Thomas Christmas Covered Bridge


MSRP: $69.99
Angela Trotta Thomas Christmas Covered Bridge

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