Dorfan Wide Gauge

Min: $0 Max: $45

DW1180 Complete Freight Car Truck, Dorfan Wide Gauge


Dorfan wide gauge assembled 4 wheel trucks for freight cars

DW1480 Axle for cast wheel


Steel freight car truck axle to fit the DW1080 Dorfan Wide Gauge Wheel

DW3203 Coupler Set, 2Pcs


Two piece coupler set for Dorfan wide gauge cars.

DW4400 Cast Headlight, #700


Dorfan complete, cast headlight for #700 electric locos.

DW5201 Brake Shaft Spacer


Brass brake shaft spacer for Dorfan wide gauge.

DW5202 Brass Brake Shaft Stanchion, 2Pcs


A pair of brass brake shaft stanchions for Dorfan wide gauge.

DW5207 Brass Door Handle, 2Pcs


A pair of brass door handles for standard & O gauge boxcars and passenger cars.

DW5208 Brass Door Guide


Dorfan wide gauge, brass boxcar door guide.

DW5210 Loco Collector Assembly


Dorfan wide gauge locomotive collector assembly.