Ives O Gauge

Min: $0 Max: $15

IO1124 Side Handrails


Side Handrail for Ives "O" Locomotives

IO1143 Brass Roller


Ives "O" brass roller. Bored type, early

IO1145 Ives "O" Roller, Brass


Brass roller for Ives O gauge

IO1359 Brass Windup Key


Brass windup key for Ives O gauge

IO1446 Axle Nut


Brass axle nut used on Ives O Gauge.

IO2101 Side Rod, 3/8" Offset


Ives O gauge side rod with 3/8" offset, 3 3/4" long.

IO2102 Side Rod, 3/4" Offset


Ives O gauge side rod with 3/4" offset, 4 3/4" long.

IO3106 Coupler Rivet for Cast Pilot


Ives coupler rivet for cast pilot. O Gauge
Other items pictured not included.

IO3109 Coupler, med 1 3/4" auto w/rivet end


Medium 1 3/4" auto with twist end coupler used on Ives O Gauge.

IO3110 Coupler, hook/slot w/twist tab


Hook/Slot with twist tab coupler used on Ives O Gauge.

IO3113 Coupler, small auto w/rivet end


Small auto with rivet end coupler used on Ives O Gauge.

IO3114 Coupler Spacer


Coupler Spacer for Ives O gauge.
Other pictured items not included.

IO4609 Frame Weight for #3255 Loco


Frame weight for #3255 Ives Loco

IO4610 Coupler Cover


Brass, cast frame coupler cover for Ives wide gauge #3255 Loco.

IO4615 Cast Pilot, #1120 Loco


Ives pilot for #1120 Loco

IO5113 Log Lumber Car Chains, 2pcs


A pair of brass chains used on Ives O Gauge lumber car. 2 1/4" long each.

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