Min: $0 Max: $40

MHR10 Microbrush Regular Size, 10Pk


These things are incredibly handy for painting details or applying glue to small areas.

Paasche 62 Sprayer for Collector Color Paint


Operating on relatively low pressure, the 62 Sprayer efficiently sprays glazes, fixatives, medium consistency lacquers, varnishes and enamels. It handles the application needs which fall between an airbrush and a spray gun. The perfect size when restoring

Paasche 62-17P, 3oz. Plastic Bottle w/Lid


Replacement 3 ounce plastic bottle with lid and gasket.

Paasche H-108, 3oz. Glass Bottle w/lid


3 ounce Glass bottle with metal lid and gasket.Best choice for use with Collector Color paint.

Paasche H-108, 3oz. Glass Bottles, Two (2)


Two (2) 3 ounce Glass bottles.
Best choice for use with Collector Color paint.

Paasche HL-3/16-10 Air Hose, 10ft


Constructed of braid covered tubing. 8' length. Use this air hose with any Paasche equipment having 1/4" threads, such as 62 Sprayer. Couplings are sealed at the factory for safety and to prevent leaks. Maximum working pressure is 100 P.S.I.

Preval 0202 vGrip Universal Handle


vGrip Universal Handle is a 2-in-1 gun handle and ergonomic trigger that snaps onto the Preval Sprayer with ease. Also attaches to any other standard aerosol can. 

Preval 0219 3oz. Plastic Container w/Cap & Dip Tube


3oz. Plastic Reservoir is reusable and recyclable. Polypropylene safety cap and short dip tube included. Made of quality materials.

Preval 0220 6oz. Plastic Container w/Cap


6oz. Plastic Reservoir is reusable and recyclable. Polypropylene safety cap included. Made of quality materials.

Preval 0267 Spray System


MSRP: $9.99
The Preval Sprayer is a professional grade spray system that is good for countless applications including toy train restoration. It’s disposable, recyclable, easy to clean, and, best of all, no compressor is needed.  The Preval Sprayer’s paten

Preval 0268 Sprayer Replacement Power Unit


Unlike most other aerosol paints, each Preval Power Unit uses just 1.97oz. of eco-friendly propellant to spray up to 16oz. of liquid. What's more, each versatile Preval unit can be used with different formulas for different projects.  Ideal for toy train

Preval 1000 Replacement Dip Tube for 6oz Reservoir


Each Replacement Dip Tube has a nylon filter that screens and prevents contaminants from entering the atomized spray mist of the vFan Airbrush.   Every dip tube can be used to spray different liquids with no risk of adulteration.

Preval 6012 Replacement Spray Button


Preval Spray Buttons are ideal for people who use their Preval Sprayers with different paints or solutions that may clog the orafice. These replacement buttons are an economical way to eliminate clog issues and cross contamination to get more use out of e