Min: $0 Max: $200

1835E-NB 12Pcs. Number Board for 1835E


Number board for 1835E Loco. 12 Pieces

217-35DZ Nickel Screw-In Base Light Socket, 12pcs


12 Pieces $24 MSRP
Nickel light socket with two (2) tabs for standard gauge fire box and O gauge observation cars.

261E-WR-3, Wheel Set for 261, 262 Loco, Red Spoke, 3 Sets


This is a set of four (4) Model Engineering Works red spoke wheel set for 257, early 258, 261 or 262 Lionel O gauge steam locomotives.

400E-44N 12Pcs. Flag Post Stanchion, Nickel


12 Pieces
Nickel Flag Post Stanchions (thin based) used on various Lionel O Gauge & Std Gauge electric locomotives like the 256, 9, 381 & 408 at all four corners of the locomotive frame.
4:36 Thread

400E-NBW 12Pcs. White w/Red Number Boards for 400E


Twelve (12) number boards for 400E Locos.  Has white background with red lettering.

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