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3501 Plastic Cement, 5/8oz. Testors


5/8 oz. Cement for Plastics; Use for polystyrene and ABS plastic.

904-299 Walthers Goo All-Purpose Adhesive


GOO(R) is the all-purpose adhesive that grips almost anything. It never lets go.

Plasti-Zap 1/3oz. (orange)


Plasti-Zap 1/3oz. (orange)
Medium CA

Plastic Weld Cement, Plastruct


Plastic Weld Cement (2oz) by Plastruct

PT-16 Z-7 Debonder, ZAP


ZAP Z-7 Debonder, 1 oz

PT-715 Zip Kicker CA Accelerator, 2oz.


2oz bottle of Pacer Zip Kicker with Pump.