Structures "O"

Min: $0 Max: $300

5854 Theater, Built & Ready


MSRP: $169.99
The Theater offers classic vintage architecture, an expertly weathered stucco-over-brick exterior, tall arched windows, gilded kick plates on front doors, a decorative tile facade and carved wood trim. Includes window treatments and decals.

5855 Emilio's Italian Restaurant


MSRP: $149.99
Emilio's will be the talk of the town for any layout. This Built-&-Ready® Italian, family style restaurant is the go-to restaurant for young couples and long standing anniversaries.

5858 Wood Shack, Built & Ready


MSRP: $41.99
The bright green door is a little rugged now and the wood paneled walls could use a good wash, but its still as secure as the day it was built.
Built-&-Ready structures are hand-painted, highly detailed ready-to-place buildings.

5859 H&H Feed Mill - O Scale, Built & Ready


MSRP: $249.99
Keep your eyes peeled, the pigeons atop this roof might give you an unexpected surprise.

5863 Sunny Days Trailer, O Scale


MSRP: $94.99
Give your layout a bright and happy home anyone will love. The Sunny Days Trailer is perfect for adding some cheer to your layout.

6350 Church, Built-up, O Gauge


MSRP: $64.98
O Scale Built-Up Lighted Church with Figures

6904 Roundhouse Kit, Atlas O


MSRP: $289.95
Atlas "O" Roundhouse Kit

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