Min: $0 Max: $20

15001 Lite Duty Knife w/5 Extra Blades


Carded K1 Knife w/ Safety Cap and 5# 20011 Blades

20011 #11 Double Honed Blades 5-Pk


Super Sharp, Double-Honed pkg(5) Carded

50632 Model Master Curved Locking Tweezers, Testors


Model Master 6" Curved Locking Tweezers

521 Bright Boy, Walthers


Keep Trains Running Reliably with Bright Boy

53610 6-Piece Assorted File Set w/Handle


MSRP: $16.98
6-Piece Assorted File Set w/Handle

58001 Drill Bit assortment, 6 Pcs.


6 assorted drills in a tube made of high quality steel. Drills range in size form 51 to 80.

8863C Premium Round Paint Brushes, 3Pc.


Premium Round Paint Brushes 3 Pack with 3 sizes of Round Brushes (No. 0, No. 2, No. 3)

H-AFO-500 A.F. "O" Gauge Axle Tool (silver dot)


This American Flyer O gauge axle tool is used when installing an axle into a wheel. Sized to fit the three Chicago O Flyer axles as shown. Best used in conjuction with the STX-500 wheel cup set. It gives even more support around the axle than the universa

SL-125 1/8" Flat Punch


This basic 1/8" flat punch is a handy tool for a number of uses. 

SL-22 Bearing Flaring Tool


The SL-22 Bearing Flaring Tool is used to install Lionel SM-17 & SL-22 armature bearings.

SL-264 Bearing Flaring Tool


The SL-264 Bearing Flaring Tool is used to install Lionel 264E-52 wheel bearings on the motor plates.

SL-52A Bearing Stud Anvil Tool


The SL-52A Bearing stud anvil, along with the SL-52C Clincher, is used to install the SL-52 motor bearing stud spacer on Lionel O gauge locomotives.