Min: $0 Max: $30

#494 The Chopper Wood/Styrene Cutter


MSRP: $34.95
The Chopper Wood/Styrene Cutter

15001 Lite Duty Knife w/5 Extra Blades


Carded K1 Knife w/ Safety Cap and 5# 20011 Blades

20011 #11 Double Honed Blades 5-Pk


Super Sharp, Double-Honed pkg(5) Carded

2175B Track Cutter, Xuron


MSRP: $17.75
For HO, N & Z Rail

42-102 HO Track Gauge, Code 83


Three-point, diecast metal track gauge keeps rails aligned when hand-laying track.

50632 Model Master Curved Locking Tweezers, Testors


Model Master 6" Curved Locking Tweezers

521 Bright Boy, Walthers


Keep Trains Running Reliably with Bright Boy

53610 6-Piece Assorted File Set w/Handle


MSRP: $16.98
6-Piece Assorted File Set w/Handle

58001 Drill Bit assortment, 6 Pcs.


6 assorted drills in a tube made of high quality steel. Drills range in size form 51 to 80.

8862C Premium Flat Paint Brushes, 3Pc.


Premium Flat Paint Brushes, 3 Pack with 3 sizes of Flat Brushes (No. 2, No. 8, No 10)

BRU6009 Lenox Paint Brush Assortment


The "LENOX" Extra Quality Camel Hair Brushes

BRU9112 4Pc Paint Brush Assortmemnt


Camel Brush Assortment Value Pack, 4Pc.

H-AFO-500 A.F. "O" Gauge Axle Tool (silver dot)


This American Flyer O gauge axle tool is used when installing an axle into a wheel. Sized to fit the three Chicago O Flyer axles as shown. Best used in conjuction with the STX-500 wheel cup set. It gives even more support around the axle than the universa

SL-125 1/8" Flat Punch


This basic 1/8" flat punch is a handy tool for a number of uses. 

SL-22 Bearing Flaring Tool


The SL-22 Bearing Flaring Tool is used to install Lionel SM-17 & SL-22 armature bearings.

SL-264 Bearing Flaring Tool


The SL-264 Bearing Flaring Tool is used to install Lionel 264E-52 wheel bearings on the motor plates.

SL-52A Bearing Stud Anvil Tool


The SL-52A Bearing stud anvil, along with the SL-52C Clincher, is used to install the SL-52 motor bearing stud spacer on Lionel O gauge locomotives.

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