NCE - 229 6PK-1.00 1.00-Amp Replacement Lamps For CP6

MSRP: $16.95 Sale Price: $14.99
6PK-1.00, Six pack of 1 Amp replacement lamps for CP6.

Quantity: 2

Circuit protection for up to 6 sections of your railroad. Operates with ANY DCC system. Factory set to 1 Amp per section. Sections can be connected together for more power per section.

  • 12.8V .97A/T-3 Festoon (SV8.5MM) Base
  • Amperage (A): 0.97 Amp
  • Voltage (V): 12.8 Volt

Eiko's Heavy Duty, Fleet, Industrial & Agricultural lamps are designed for long and reliable performance under harsh conditions. They feature top quality components and are manufactured to exacting standards. They are guaranteed to perform like the original. Each and every lamp is quality tested before it leaves the factory.

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