Woodland Scenics - BR5873 Smith Bros TV & Appliance, O Gauge

Woodland Scenics 5873
Smith Bros TV & Appliance
O Gauge

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Smith Brothers TV & Appliance carries the newest televisions, refrigerators and more. This 1950s era Built-&-Ready® structure features flickering TVs tuned into the latest programs and a brand, new colored TV on display. Illuminate the store and switch on the TVs with LEDs made for use with the Just Plug® Lighting System. An eye-catching printed interior creates the illusion of depth, from the shop at the front to a stockroom in the back. The building is hand-painted and weathered with loads of signage. Other exterior details like a loading dock with a dolly, exterior light, a dumpster and more add to the building's authenticity.

120mA RoHS Compliant

O Scale building is currently pictured. Variances in detail and lighting exist between N, HO and O scales.

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