Henning's Trains - 5amp Self Resetting Circuit Breaker

5amp Quick Trip & Self Resetting Circuit Breaker for Lionel and Other Train Transformers

Quantity: 122

This is a small self resetting 5 amp circuit breaker for use between the transformer and track to protect the new electronic circuit in locomotives. Quick trip & self resetting. Install in-line with your power wire by soldering the wires directly to breaker or use a pair of connectors. Be sure to cover the connections with shrink tube or electric tape. Most transformers have a circuit breaker in them to protect the transformer when there is a short but this is typically not sensitive enough to protect the sophisticated electronics in many of todays locomotives. 

A very simple and low cost way of protecting your equipment that can be expensive to repair.

Dimensions: 1/4"x 1/2"x 1"

Also a great replacement circuit breaker for Lionel 1033, 1034, 4090, etc. transformers. 

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