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AO-4604 Diecast Steam Dome, Black


Diecast steam domes for O gauge steamers. 5/8" diameter.

AO-4605 Nickel Diecast Sand Dome


Nickel diecast sand domes for AF O gauge #429 and 4321.

AO-4606 Running Board Motor Brush Cover Set, 2pcs


Running board motor brush cover set, right and left pieces, for 3300 type locos.

AO-4607 Step for 432 Loco


Black step used on #432 AF O gauge loco.

AO-4611 Boiler Front


Diecast boiler front for American Flyer O gauge

AO-4612 Pilot #1680 & 3326


American Flyer "O" gague Pilot for steam engine #1680 and 3326.

AO-5007 Lumber Load #3046, Solid load


Lumber load #3046 for American Flyer O Gauge. 5" long. One (1) solid piece.

AO-5007 Lumber Load #3046, Solid load, 6 Pcs


Lumber load #3046 for American Flyer O Gauge. 5" long. One (1) solid piece.

AO-5008 Lumber Load, #3046, 6 Sets


Lumberload for #3046. This listing is for six sets of six (6) individual pieces in each set.

AO-5008 Lumber Load, #3046, 6Pcs


Lumberload for #3046. Six (6) individual pieces in the set.

AO-5009 Box Car Door


Box car door for American Flyer O Gauge cars

AO-5012 Box Car Roof, 6 1/2" long


6 1/2" long boxcar roof for American Flyer O Gauge

AO-5013 Box Car Roof, 9 1/2" long


9 1/2" long boxcar roof for American Flyer O Gauge

AO-5049 Shouldered Truck Screw


Shouldered truck screw for Streamliner or Zephyr American Flyer O Gauge cars

AO-6004 Drawbar for 0-6-0 Switcher Tender


Drawbar for 0-6-0 Switcher Tender

AO-6005 Drawbar for Hudson


Drawbar for Hudson with pin on rear truck.

AO-6006 Straight Drawbar


Straight Drawbar used on four wheel tenders

AO-6007 Sheetmetal Drawbar


Sheetmetal drawbar to fit Hudson & Hiawatha Tenders

AO-6008 Scale Tender Drawbar


Scale type Tender Drawbar

AW1000 AF Wide Gauge Electric Loco Wheel Set, Red


A set of four (4) wheels, with red spokes, used on American Flyer wide gauge electric locomotives. Includes 2 wheels with drive lugs.

AW1001 AF Std. Gauge Steam Wheel Set, Black, 4Pcs, 2.5D, 6:32 Thread


American Flyer wide gauge steam wheel set. 2 plain and 2 geared wheels. 2 1/2" diameter. 6:32 thread.

AW1100 Trailing Truck complete


Complete trailing truck for American Flyer wide gauge trains.

AW1105 AF Trailing Truck w/Red Spoke, 4694 loco


Trailing truck for a 4694 American Flyer wide gauge locomotive

AW1106 Steam Loco Trailing Truck Bracket


A rear trailing truck bracket with firebox light bracket used on American Flyer wide gauge steam locomotives.

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