Atlas N - #2708 Standard Wye Remote Switch, Atlas N Code 80

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Atlas N #2708 Standard Wye Remote Switch

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This Atlas N Scale Standard Line Code 80 No. 4 Remote Turnout features nickel-silver rail, molded black ties with wood grain detail and an attached remote-controlled switch machine. The turnout can be thrown manually using the small sliding lever on the turnout motor or electrically using the included Switch Control Box (150-56) which you can mount on a control panel. The turnout also includes screws for the control box electrical connections and track joiners. This Standard Line Code 80 No. 4 Remote Turnout includes a 19" radius curved track compensation section which can be used to make a reverse curve off the diverging route to make adding a parallel siding easy. For track planning purposes Atlas Standard Line turnouts have a different geometry and are not direct replacements for Atlas Custom Line turnouts.

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