MRC - 025000 Light Genie - Radio Control Lighting System

MRC 025000
Light Genie
Radio Control Lighting System

Quantity: 3

Light Genie is a wireless system with a 2.4Ghz transmitter and 5 Zones (12 outputs) receiver. Each output can control 2 incandescent bulbs or 4 or more LEDs. With a total of 12 outputs, Light Genie can control an average of 24 light bulbs or 48 or more LEDs. The Genie receiver is broken down into 5 zones. Each zone can independently turn on lights, as well as dim or brighten them. Each zone offers more than 20 different lighting effects including sequential flashing, strobe lighting, fast flicker to produce a fire effect, double strobe, random flash and many others. You can hook up a three bulb traffic light to a zone and another zone can operate a perpendicular traffic light that will automatically cycle in the opposite direction so they can control a 4 way corner. Each Genie offers a 90-foot operating range, works flawlessly in tunnels and penetrates walls without loss of signal. What's more, multiple Genies can be used without any worries of cross interference.

DCC Operation
Light Genie™ will operate like most standard NMRA decoders, but without speed control functions. The decoder can be controlled using the many of the function buttons on your DCC controller.
Light Genie™ like most DCC decoders, is preset with a default address of #3. Light Genie™ uses short addressing (1-127). Programming can be done on the "program track" and/or "main track". Once you have given your Light Genie™ decoder an address, use the accessory function to turn on/off light, change lighting effects, change brightness/dimness, and light effect rate.

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