Rapido - 157009A Procor 5820 Covered Hopper EHSX Essex Hybrid No Logo, HO Scale

Rapido Trains 157009A
Procor Covered Hopper EHSX Essex Hybrid #122857 No Logo
Essex Hybrid EHSX (2005, gray, black, Reporting Marks Only)
HO Scale

Quantity: 3

The Rapido Trains HO Scale Procor 5820 Covered Hopper is based on cars used for hauling plastic pellets used in manufacturing. Prototypes were built in batches from the late 1970s all the way up through the early 1990s. Around 1700 examples were built for Procor and Dow Chemical, which were the primary and largest owners. Essex Hybrid would later receive a handful of cars for seed service. The Rapido Trains model features roadname-specific hopper outlets and roof hatches, plus plenty of etched-metal details for enhanced realism.

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