Peco - SL-8381 #8 RH Turnout Code 83, HO Scale

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North American-Style Code 83 #8 Turnout - Streamline
Right Hand, Insulfrog, New North American-Style Turnouts from Peco

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Right Hand, Insulfrog 

  • Length: 322mm
  • Frog Angle: 7.15 Degrees
  • Radius: 1702mm

These new HO Scale Code 83 turnouts from Peco add more track options for modelers who use Code 83 track. Based on American Railroad Engineering Association drawings, these turnouts have been designed to meet NMRA standards. Peco Code 83 track features ties molded in creosote-colored flexible plastic that mimics the look of the prototype, plus wood grain, tie plate and appropriate spike details. All track and turnouts feature the correct prototypical tie spacing and all are DCC friendly.

Electrofrog turnouts and crossings feature powered (conductive) frogs for enhanced locomotive electrical pickup and may require special wiring/rail gapping in certain track configurations. Instructions are included with each turnout.

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