A.F. Wide Gauge

Min: $0 Max: $50

AW4629 Cast Tool Box for Side of Shasta Loco


Cast tool box for side of American Flyer wide gauge Shasta locomotive.

AW4631 Steam Loco Weight


Steam locomotive weight, attaches to boiler near cylinder

AW4635 Vandy Tender Rail


Vandy tender rail for American Flyer wide gauge

AW5004 AF Patent Label


Patent label used on American Flyer wide gauge. 

AW5005 AF Oil Label


Oil label used on American Flyer wide gauge. 

AW5011 Truck Crossbar


Truck crossbar for American Flyer wide gauge cars.

AW5015 Stamped Car Wheel


Stamped wheel for American Flyer wide gauge cars. This is for one (1) wheel.

AW5016 Flat Car Stake


Stakes for American Flyer wide gauge flat cars.

AW5020 Ladder, Boxcar End, Cattle & Hopper Car, 2 9/16"


2-9/16" brass ladder for American Flyer wide gauge boxcar end, cattle car and hopper car.

AW5022 Boxcar Brake Wheel Bracket


American Flyer wide gauge brake wheel bracket for boxcars.  Can be used on Ives cars as well.

AW5023 Hopper Car Spreader Bar


Spreader bar for American Flyer wide gauge hopper car.

AW5028 Tank Car Ladder


3" Tank Car ladder for American Flyer

AW5030 Caboose Window


Window for American Flyer wide gauge caboose.

AW5031 Brass Caboose Smoke Stack


Brass Caboose smoke stack for American Flyer wide gauge

AW5036 Caboose Roof Rail, Brass


Brass roof rail for American Flyer wide gauge caboose cupola, includes mounts.

AW5038 Brass Door Handle


Brass door handle used on American Flyer wide gauge cars.

AW5043 Passenger Car Door, Brass, Right Side


Brass passenger car door for American Flyer wide gauge passenger car (right side).

AW5043/57-N Passenger Car Doors, 1 pr


A pair of chrome plated passenger car doors to fit American Flyer wide gauge.
Includes the right hand door (AW5043) and left hand door (AW5057)

AW5044 Passenger Car Windows, Lg, Brass


Large, brass Passenger Car window for American Flyer S Gauge

AW5048-N Passenger/Caboose Step, Chrome plated


Chrome Plated Step fits American Flyer wide gauge passenger cars and caboose.

AW5050 Nickel Marker Light Bezel


Nickel marker light bezel used on American Flyer wide gauge observation car and caboose ends.

AW5057 Passenger Car Door, Brass, Left Side


Brass passenger car door for American Flyer wide gauge passenger car (left side).

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