White River Productions - Passenger Train Journal, 2022-3 Issue 292

Passenger Train Journal, 2022-3 Issue 292

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Journal spotlight • Rebirth of a Dining Car Society • Alaska Railroad resumes full summer schedule • Restoration plans for Chessie 29 • Rare mileage in Florida: AAPRCO’s Sugarland Limited.

VIA’s New Corridor Fleet • by Terry Johnson — The first of 32 Siemens trainsets arrives in Canada for testing.

Return of a Rambler • by Alex Mayes — Reading & Northern 4-8-4 engine 2102 is back in passenger service.

What Was It the Red Caps Were Saying? • by Bill Anderson — Portland Union Station three years before Amtrak.

Jonesy’s Big Adventure, Part 4 • by Mark W. Jones — The Amtrak Diaries continue with a trip on the City of New Orleans.

Trip Report: Opportunities Missed? • by Geoffrey H. Doughty — The Lake Shore, the Empire Builder, and a Viewliner II report card.

Electro-Motive’s Alphabet, Part 1 • by Kevin J. Holland — A centennial survey of EMC and EMD passenger-service diesel models.

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