TM Videos - Modern O Gauge Remote Control Legacy Part 2, DVD

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Modern O Gauge Remote Control Part 2: Lionel TMCC & LEGACY Advanced

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In making these videos about LEGACY, we took a survey. Turns out 80% of those who have LEGACY are getting only 20% of what LEGACY offers. Buy our two videos, and you will be amazed at how easy LEGACY is to install, use, and all you can with with Legacy. It's a game changer.

Bob Phillips is your guide. Bob is an authority on LEGACY, and his simple and direct approach is easy to understand. Our split-screen technology shows you both the hand controller and the action on the track, so you can see what button to push, and what happens when you push it.

This easy-to-follow DVD is your ticket to getting all there is out of the LEGACY system. And that's a lot.

65 minutes

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