Woodland Scenics - BR5844 Corner Emporium, Built & Ready

Woodlans Scenics BR5844
An old-time three-in-one corner store.

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An old-time three-in-one corner store. There's a barber shop, pool hall and an ice cream and coffee shop and loads of details to help set your scene. Details include bicycles signage, barber shop pole, parlor table and two chairs, flag, awnings, posters, decals and many more! Includes interior lights on both floors and an interior scene.

LED lighting - Corner Emporium contains two lower-level white lights and one upper-level green light, each with its own dimmer control. Voltage: 16-20VAC/Current: 90mA. RoHs compliant. See photos for footprint.

Colors may vary from actual product.

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