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20-22A KW Circuit breaker


This is a reproduction KW transformer circuit breaker. It mounts the same as original unit. It is self re-setting. It fits the Lionel KW transformer.

20-3137 Complete KW Transformer Control Handle Set


This is a complete reproduction speed control handle set for a Lionel KW transformer.

20-39 "A" Cap for KW transformer Lower Control Arm Knob


Orange 'A' cap for lower control arm for KW transformer.

20-39/40/41 KW Knobs & Caps (A & B)


Reproduction KW transformer top & bottom knob assembly complete w/  'A' and 'B' cap. It fits the Lionel KW transformer.

20-40 KW Knob


Black knob for Lionel KW transformer top & bottom handles. Holds "A" & "B" caps.

20-41 "B" cap for KW Transformer Upper Control Arm


Orange 'B' cap for Upper control arm on KW transformer.

20-50 Nameplate for Lionel KW Transformer


Replacement top handle nameplate for KW transformer. Self-adhesive.

20-70 KW Switch Shaft


20-70 KW Switch Shaft

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