O Gauge Motor Parts

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1661E-29 & 1661E-30 Lionel Motor Brushes & Spring Set, 1 pair


1661E-29 & 1661E-30 Lionel Motor Brushes & Spring Set
Replacement motor brushes and springs for Lionel whistles, gang car, trolley and most closed tube brush holders on pre-war locos.

1668E-20 Collector Assembly for Lionel O27 Loco


1668E-20 Collector Contact Assembly for Lionel O27 Loco

1668E-43 Armature Pinion


Armature pinion for Lionel 1668 engine.

1689-M1 Brush Holder, NOS


Brush holder for Lionel 1689 Loco. New but old stock.

226E-38 Idler Gear


Idler gear for Lionel 226 engine.

259E-1 E-Unit Drum


This is a new replacement e-unit drum, they are compatible with all of Lionel's 3 sequence reverse units, both pre & post war. COLOR OF DRUM MAY VARY.

259E-CP E-Unit Contact Board Assy


E-unit contact board assembly for steam or diesel engines

259E-SL Steam E-unit Contact Board Lever


E-unit contact board for most steam engines

262E-15 Armature Gear, 15 Teeth (.125 shaft)


15 tooth armature gear for Lionel "O" gauge #260, 261, 262 and 263. 

262E-26 12 Tooth Gear, .125 Shaft


12 Tooth gear with .125 shaft for Lionel 262/262E prewar engine 

33-25 Motor Pinion, .112 Shaft


Motor pinion for use with .112 shaft.

616M-14 Collector Assembly for Lionel O27


616M-4 Collector Assembly for Lionel O27 #616 Loco

700E-112 Collector Insulator


Collector Insulator for Lionel 700 Hudson

752M-13 Compound Gear


Compound gear for Lionel Streamliners- 616, 617, 752, 753 etc.

CM-1575 Commutator, MEW


Commutator used in all veritcal, pre & post war, armatures. Mfd by Model Engineering Works

M-19 Pinion Gear, Humpback Motors, 10 Tooth


10 tooth pinion gear fits .112" shaft. For Lionel #42 Locomotive and O gauge Humpback motors.

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