Std Gauge Body Parts

Min: $0 Max: $60

260T-4 Tender Drawbar


Tender drawbar for O gauge 260 and standard gauge tenders for 384, 385, 390, 392 and 1385 engines.

318-29 Cast Pilot Coupler Rivet


Cast pilot coupler rivet for Lionel Standard gauge

384T Tender Shell, Painted


Painted Tender Shell for Lionel 384 and 384E Loco

384T Tender Shell, Unpainted


Unpainted Tender Shell for Lionel 384 and 384E Loco

385E-29 Diecast Boiler Front Latch & Spring, Std gauge


This is a diecast metal boiler front latch & spring, used on Lionel standard gauge pre-war steam locomotives. Fits #385, 392, 400 and 1835.

385E-49 Boiler Front for 385E, Unpainted


Unpainted 385E Steam Locomotive Boiler Front

385E-49P Boiler Front for 385E, Painted


Painted boiler front for Lionel Std Gauge 385 engine.

390-40 Swivel Clip Rivet, Cast Frame


Swivel clip rivet for standard gauge cast frames

400E-146 Cab Roof


Cab roof for Lionel 400E engine

400E-5 Truck Guide Plate w/Screws for #400 Loco


This is a metal truck guide plate for Lionel Standard Gauge #400 loco. Includes 2 screws.

402-28P Cast Pilot, Painted, 402/408


Painted red cast pilot for Lionel 402 and 408 engine.

9E-40 Swivel Clip Rivet, Sheetmetal Frames


Swivel clip rivet for standard gauge sheetmetal frames (9E)