O Gauge Wheels

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156T Pony Trucks, Black Solid Wheels


Pony trucks for Lionel 156 Electric loco with solid black wheels.

1684-12 Lead Locomotive Truck


Black, solid wheel pilot truck. Re-production part, fits pre-war "O27" Lionel Loco's #1684 & 1681 and many others.

1689E-24 Trailing Truck for Steam Loco 1668, 1688, 1689


Rear, trailing truck used on Lionel Steam Loco 1668, 1688 and 1689.

1689E-27 Pilot/Trailing Truck Axle


Knurled end axle for use on Lionel Engines 1654, 1655, 1665, 1656, 2016, 2018 & 2026.

Also use with our 257R spoked wheel.

226E-64 Geared Center Wheel w/Nickel Rim


A new reproduction, by Bowser, geared center steam loco wheel w/nickel rim.

226E-66 Plain Center Wheel w/Nickel Rim, Lionel


A new original Lionel plain center steam loco wheel with nickel rim.

250E-26 Rear Truck Wheel, Hiawatha


Rear truck wheel for Lionel 250 Hiawatha engine.

250E-73 Hiawatha Leading Truck, Steel


Complete steel leading truck for Lionel Hiawatha 250.

250E-75 Hiawatha Trailing Truck, Steel


Complete steel trailing truck for Lionel Hiawatha 250.

250E-78/79 Hiawatha Wheel Set, 4Pcs


Set of four (4) wheels for Lionel #250 Hiawatha Engine. Includes 2 geared and 2 non-geared wheels.

255W Black Spoke/Black Rim Lead/Trailing Truck Wheel


Black spoke wheel for Lionel/MTH O Gauge locomotive lead and trailing trucks.

255WS-R, Wheel Set for 250, 260 & 263 Loco, Red Spoke


This is a set of four (4) Model Engineering Works red spoke wheel set for 255, 260, 263 Series Lionel O gauge steam locomotives.

260E-47B Trailing Truck, Black Spoke


Rear Truck for Lionel 255, 260 and 263 Steam Engine.

261E-WB, Wheel Set for 261, 262 Loco, Black Spoke, 4 Pcs


This is a set of four (4) Model Engineering Works red spoke wheel set for 257, early 258, 261 or 262 Lionel O gauge steam locomotives.

263B Black Oxide Spoked O Gauge Trailing Truck Wheel


Black oxide spoked wheel for Lionel/MTH locomotive lead and trailing trucks. Fits Lionel/MTH standard gauge #384 loco lead truck and O gauge lead and trailing trucks, early 257, 258, 261, 262, etc. 

Use with 1689E-27 Axle. 

263E-46 Pilot Truck


Pilot truck for Lionel 263 Blue Comet engine. Available with disc or spoke wheels in red or black. Send a message with your wheel preference when ordering.

263T-20C Tender Truck, Complete w/Auto Coupler Coil


Complete O gauge tender truck with automatic coupler coil for Lionel 263T, 290T, 250T and 2600

750M-49 Steam Engine Axle, with Knurled Ends, 2pcs


Lionel Steam O gauge axle with knurled ends, .180". Used on postwar and prewar engines. 

752T-72 Truck Wheel


Replacement die cast wheel for Lionel "O" gauge locomotives #249, 255, 260 ,261, 262 & 263 lead and trailing trucks as well as 752 vestibules. 
Black solid die cast wheel.

BLI-10/SL-90 Axle/Bearing Set Prewar O Locos


This is a rebuild set of 4 bearings and 2 axles for use on most Lionel "O" pre-war electric locomotives.

MS1001 McCoy Std Gauge Red Spoke Wheel Set, 6Pcs *Made to Order*


A set of six (6) wheels, with red spokes, used on McCoy standard gauge six wheel steam locomotives.
This item is made to order. Will take 1-2 weeks to ship. Available with black or red spokes. Contact store with color choice.

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