Std Gauge Motor Parts

Min: $0 Max: $45

2-47 Pinion Gear


Pinion gear with .125 shaft size to fit Lionel Bild-a-Loco motors.

2-87 Bild-A-Loco Idler Gear, Metal


Metal Idler Gear for Lionel Bild-A-Loco Engines.

259E-1 E-Unit Drum


This is a new replacement e-unit drum, they are compatible with all of Lionel's 3 sequence reverse units, both pre & post war. COLOR OF DRUM MAY VARY.

390-41-R Bild-A-Loco Collector Assembly Refill


Collector assembly refill (roller & tension bar only) for Lionel "Bild A Loco" engines.

400E-122 Brushplate Assembly


Original brushplate assembly for Lionel standard gauge steam engines- 9E 385E 392E 400E 1825E. Used on engines produced in the 1930s.

400e-129b Brass Motor Mount Thumb Screw


Brass motor mount thumb screw for Biuld-a- Loco

400E-140 Pinion Gear, Long, 12 Tooth


Long pinion gear for Lionel Standard gauge prewar loco. 12 Tooth .125" Shaft

402-100 Motor Hanger, 402-408


Standard gauge motor hanger for Lionel 402 and 408

5-L-45-49 Stock Bore Compound Gear, 40P, 25T


Compound gear for prewar Lionel standard gauge engines. 40 pitch 25 tooth

5-L-45-49CB Counter Bore Compound Gear & Screw, 40P, 25T


Compound gear with counter bore for prewar Lionel standard gauge engines. Includes 6:32 shoulder screw. 
40 pitch 25 tooth

CM-1575 Commutator, MEW


Commutator used in all veritcal, pre & post war, armatures. Mfd by Model Engineering Works

M-19 Pinion Gear, Humpback Motors, 10 Tooth


10 tooth pinion gear fits .112" shaft. For Lionel #42 Locomotive and O gauge Humpback motors.

SL-145 Disc Commutator, BAL Motor


Flat faced, disc commutator for Lionel Bild-a-Loco motors

SM-39/42 Compound Gear


Early large gear motor compound gear.

SM-59 Super-Motor Collector Assembly


Lionel "Super Motor" Collector Roller Assembly w/Nameplate, Standard Gauge

SM-71 Compound Gear for SuperMotor


SM-71 Compound Gear used on various Lionel locomotives using the Supermotor.

SM38/SL90C Super Motor Axle/Copper Bushing Set Std Gauge Loco


This is a rebuild set of 4 copper bearings and 2 axles for use on most Lionel pre-war standard gauge locomotives.