Prewar Loco

Min: $0 Max: $200

10-318B Pantograph, Brass


This is a medium size brass pantograph w/mounting screw used on several Lionel standard gauge electric type locomotives including the #9, 10, 318, 380 & 402.

100-45/46 E-Unit Finger Assembly Set


This is an e-unit finger set w/shield that are pre-wired. They are compatible with all of Lionel's 3 sequence reverse units, both pre & post war.

Includes the 100-45 4-finger contact and 100-46 2-finger contact assemblies.

156T Pony Trucks, Black Solid Wheels


Pony trucks for Lionel 156 Electric loco

1661-23RT Black Spoke Trailing Truck


Black spoked rear trailing truck for "O27" loco #1654 and 1655.

1661E-29 & 1661E-30 Lionel Motor Brushes & Spring Set, 2 pair


Replacement motor brushes and springs for Lionel whistles, gang car, trolley and most closed tube brush holders on pre-war locos.

Includes: four (2 pr.) 1661E-29 motor brushes and four (2 pr.) 1661E-30 springs

1664E-33 Trailing Truck


Rear/trailing truck for prewar loco 1664E

1664E-9 Side Rod Spacer


Side rod spacer for many O gauge prewar engines including #1664.

1668E-20R Special Collector Assembly with Rollers for Lionel O27 Loco


This special collector comes with rollers and still fits Lionel O27 locos #1666, 1668, 2026, 221 and other 6 wheel locos. (3 3/4" Long)

1668E-45 Valve Gear Assembly


Valve gear assembly to fit Lionel 1668 engines. Works on left and right side.

1681E-10 Main Rod


Main drive rod for Lionel O27 Prewar 1681.

1684-20 RH Connecting Side Rod


Right hand side rod for Lionel 1684.

1684-21 LH Connecting Side Rod


Left hand side rod for Lionel 1684.

1688-T3 Tender Drawbar


Tender draw bar for O27 tenders, #1684, 1688, 1689.

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