Prewar Loco

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M-19 Pinion Gear, Humpback Motors, 10 Tooth


10 tooth pinion gear fits .112" shaft. For Lionel #42 Locomotive and O gauge Humpback motors.

MS1001 McCoy Std Gauge Red Spoke Wheel Set, 6Pcs *Made to Order*


A set of six (6) wheels, with red spokes, used on McCoy standard gauge six wheel steam locomotives.
This item is made to order. Will take 1-2 weeks to ship. Available with black or red spokes. Contact store with color choice.

NH-11 Diecast Headlight w/Bulb & Contact, Std Gauge


Complete die-cast replacement headlight w/mounting screw, bulb, and 'T' electrical connector. Fits Lionel standard gauge electric locos, such as #8, 9, 10, 318, 380, 402 & 408.

NH-6 Diecast Headlight Keeper, 2pcs


Headlight support for diecast lights on Lionel "O" and Standard gauge loco. Two (2) pieces per order.

SH-2 Diecast Headlight, O Gauge


The original style die-cast headlight that fits several Lionel O gauge electric locomotives.
Model Engineering Works

SH-2.1 Diecast Headlight w/Bulb & Contact, MTH


Complete die-cast replacement headlight with mounting screw, bulb, and 'T' electrical connector, that fits several Lionel O gauge electric locomotives.

SL-145 Disc Commutator, BAL Motor


Flat faced, disc commutator for Lionel Bild-a-Loco motors

SL-95 Electric Red Spoked Wheels, Set of 4 #150-250 Series


A new set of four (4) red spoke wheels used on Lionel O gauge electric locos, #150- 250 series.
Includes 2 drive wheels with gear lug and 2 without.

SL-95PR Red Spoked Truck Wheel, Plain


One (1) SL-95 electric red spoked wheel without the gear lug (plain) for use on Standard gauge lead and trailing trucks.

SL90C Bearing Set, Copper, 4 Pcs.


Four copper axle bearings for Lionel Standard Gauge

SLS-11 Idler Gear Assembly for Lionel Prewar Loco, set of 2


This is a replacement set of 2 idler gears used in the later O gauge "RECTANGULAR" frame motors by Lionel. They replace the old "FIBER" gear sets. They were used in most of the # 248, 252, 253 etc. locomotives.

SLS-35 Electric Disc Wheels, Set of 4


A new set of four (4) disc wheels used on Lionel O gauge electric locos, #156, 250 series.

SLS-45 "O" Wheel Gears, 2Pcs


SLS-45 "O" Wheel Gears, 2Pcs

SLS-48N Nickel Collector Pick-up Plate Assembly


Fully assembled collector assembly used on Lionel 150 and 250 series electric locos. It is complete and ready to install. The collector arm is Nickel and has an MTH nameplate.  

SM-39/42 Compound Gear


Early large gear motor compound gear.

SM-71 Compound Gear for SuperMotor


SM-71 Compound Gear used on various Lionel locomotives using the Supermotor.

SM38/SL90C Super Motor Axle/Copper Bushing Set Std Gauge Loco


This is a rebuild set of 4 copper bearings and 2 axles for use on most Lionel pre-war standard gauge locomotives.

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